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Spanish nightlife+Aussies....

That sums up Madrid. See you in the States!

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Good bye, Croatia

We had a fairly uneventful day today so not a lot of pictures were taken. We said good bye to our beloved Plitvice Lakes early this morning and spent the rest of our day on buses and walking around Zagreb. Our flight leaves at 6:45am for Madrid...so early but good thing they take siestas in Spain! We are super sad to leave Croatia but I know i'll be back again so it's only a see you later kind of good bye. The good news is we get to see Maggie, Alan, and Jessie tomorrow!

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Another day in paradise

Maria and I spent all day hiking Plitvice Lakes. This place is beyond beautiful. I'm so very glad we decided to come here. In the morning, we head back to Zagreb. I'm sad to leave this beautiful place but happy to not have to say good bye to Croatia yet.
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Plitvice Lakes Day 1

Maria and I hiked one half of Plitvice Lakes National Park today! It was beautiful! I can't wait to hike the other half tomorrow. Our Internet at the hostel is really slow so I was only able to upload a few pictures.

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Zagreb, Croatia

Maria and I have arrived in Croatia! I already love it here. The people have been so nice and I just had one of the best ( and cheapest) meals I've ever had in Europe! We head to Plitvice Lakes National Park bright and early in the morning.

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